Soft and Subtle

soft summer

Bring all the charms of a warm August afternoon in your home with our beautiful Soft Summer bouquet.

This delightful arrangement blends classic roses with more frivolous flowers to create an appealing collection that sings with the hues of the season.

Blushing pink roses add a feminine and yet timeless style, while the bell-shaped heads of cool white lisianthus add further elegance.

Antirrhinum, or ‘snapdragons’, deliver a touch of cheeky fun, while the feathered grace of pink astilbes creates lovely texture.

The collection is finished with pretty stocks and a spray of silvery green foliage for an arrangement that is reminiscent of a summer garden in full bloom.

Size options:

Small: £40Buy Now

Medium: £50Buy Now (Pictured)

Large: £60Buy Now