Plants in Containers

Classic Christmas Table Centres 2

Winter Table Centers Pair

A well considered table plan needs an attractive centrepiece, and you can do no better than this truly delightful arrangement that makes the most of the bounty of the season.

petite summer


Gather summer into your home with this playful and attractive collection of pretty flowers.



One of the most beautiful house plants, the low-maintenance calathea is well-loved for its striking zebra-patterned appearance. Its wide, oval-shaped […]



A brilliantly up-right and architectural plant, with striking spikes and an ornamental, woody stem. Add a dramatic and contemporary focal […]



Recognisable for its mass of slender and glossy leaves, the adaptable dracaena is a striking plant for the home. Its […]

Nephrolepis Fern

Nephrolepis Fern

Well-admired for its attractive appearance, this fern makes a wonderful addition to your house-plant collection. Bringing a burst of vibrant […]



Otherwise known as the ‘swiss cheese plant’ due to the holes in its leaves, this tropical beauty is an on-trend […]

Mother in law tougue


Slender, upright leaves of vivid green make this an eye-catching feature for the living room, hallway or workspace. Otherwise known […]

Potted Jasmine

Potted Jasmine

Sometimes the simple things are the most effective, and this is true of our lovely potted jasmine plant.

Christmas Cyclamen Planter

Cool White Cyclamen Planter

For something simple yet wonderfully bright, we present our Cool White Cyclamen Planter.

Luxury Orchid

Luxury Orchid

Dramatic and impressive, this orchid is sure to inspire admiration with its wonderful shape and ornamental charm.

Succlent Planter

Succulent Planter

Our gorgeous succulent planter, consisting of an assortment of vibrant succulents cushioned by moss, is ideal for adding a little […]

Narcisii Tub

Narcissi Tub

What better way to look forward to the approach of spring than by watching new life appear before your very eyes?


Cyclamen Planter

The beautiful white cyclamen flowers are a favourite in the plant world for their elegant, upswept petals.

Hyacinth Bulbs

Hyacinth bulbs

Let us help you herald in spring with our delightful hyacinth bulbs, designed to allow you the excitement of watching new blooms appear as the weather gets warmer.

Herb Garden

Herb Garden

Attractive, fabulously scented, and useful for any keen chef or botanist, our herb planters offer a variety of functions while also remaining lovely to look at.