Flower Bouquets

Rose & Rosemary

Rose & Rosemary

There is something wonderfully opulent about a bouquet of classic red roses.

Upcycled valentines bean

Valentines Upcycled Bean Can

Give a gift that’s not only thoughtful but also has delightful rustic charm on this most romantic of days, with our special Upcycled Valentine’s Can.

Half Dozen red rose ht

Half Dozen Red Roses Hand Tie

There is no flower that speaks of romance more ardently than the red rose, and so we have let the classic bloom take centre stage in this special Valentine’s bouquet.

Autumn rose cube

Country Rose Cube

Sometimes the most simple displays are the most effective, and this is perfectly summarised in our Autumn Rose Cube.

Single red rose and foliage

Single Red Rose and Foliage (in glass vase)

Sometimes the simple things are the most effective, and no where is this more apparent than with our Single Red Rose bloom.

Christmas Tulip Vase

Red Tulip Vase

This merry display is sure to raise a smile, with the pretty red domes of tulip flowers bringing a pop of seasonal colour to your home.

Red and Pink Vase Selection

Red Vase Selection

Red roses, usually associated with passion and seduction, are given a playful charm when clustered into glass milk bottle jars. […]

Rose Extravagance

Rose Extravagance

A stunning burst of vibrant colour and sumptuous bloom make this a hand-tied bouquet that cannot be ignored.

Pink Bell Jar

Pink Bell Jar

Pretty, cheerful and enchanting – this gorgeous arrangement combines a multitude of pink blooms to magnificent effect, creating a cluster […]

Red Tulip Hand Tie

Red Tulip Hand Tie

Our hand-tied bouquet of red tulips is both festive and cheerful while still remaining stylish, thanks to the cool elegance of green lisianthus flowers.



In this gorgeous bouquet, which spills over with bright red roses and purple brassica, we have tried to truly capture the essence of romance.

Valentines red tulip ht

Red Tulip Hand Tie

Defy convention this Valentine’s Day by presenting that special someone with a gorgeous and unique bouquet of luscious red tulips.

Luxury White

Luxury White

For a display that speaks of timeless elegance and pristine luxury, look no further than this striking bouquet that combines cream roses and white lisianthus to fabulous effect.

Classic White lily vase

Classic White Lily Vase

In this arrangement we celebrate the approach of winter with cool, peaceful colours that bring to mind snowier seasons.

White Rose & Rosemary

White Rose & Rosemary

Nothing suggests refined elegance like the combination of sumptuous snowy roses against the deep richness of winter foliage, and this is perfectly displayed in our stunning white rose and rosemary bouquet.

Spring Garden Cube

Spring Garden Cube

In this gorgeous display we have chosen the cheerful, vivid hues of much-loved spring flowers, and combined them with a chic glass cube that adds a touch of sophistication.

Scented Spring Wonder

Scented Wonder Hand Tie

To really encapsulate the wonder of a new season, we have created this special bouquet that not only looks stunning but also brings all the fragrance of a spring day into your home.

Mothers day soft spring cube

Soft Meadow Cube

For an arrangement that sings with elegance, grace and classic beauty, look no further than our Soft Spring Cube.

Spring Garden ht

Garden Hand Tie

Say goodbye to the cold and welcome in the warmer season with this eye-catching and vibrant bouquet.

Scented Spring Wonder Cube

Scented Wonder Cube

With our Scented Spring Wonder Cube we have chosen some of our favourite flowers, combined them with brilliantly scented flora and displayed them in a stylish glass cube vase.

Mothers Day Soft Spring ht

Soft Meadow Hand Tie

Give the gift of a spring day to the one you love with this beautiful and vibrant bouquet, which aims to capture the charm of a fresh meadow.

Winter Hand Tie

Winter Hand Tie

The crisp, snowy hues of winter are conjured in this beautiful hand tied display that combines some of the most striking plants of the season to wonderful effect.

White Spring Cuve

White Spring Cube

May we present to you a selection of flowers that epitomise the reawakening of springtime, displayed in a truly chic and stylish fashion.

Parrot Tulip Hand Tie

Parrot Tulip Hand Tie

Sometimes there is call for a display that is understated and yet has a certain drama about it, and this is where we recommend our Parrot Tulip Hand Tie.

Classic White

Classic White

Sometimes simplicity is the key to a truly beautiful display, and nowhere is this more evident than in our magnificent Classic White bouquet.

Upcycled Classic

Upcycled Classic

In this cheerful and whimsical arrangement, we have combined many of your favourite white flowers in a compact posy that looks simply charming when displayed in this vintage tin can.

classic white jug

Classic White Jug

For an arrangement that combines chic elegance with the charms of long summer days, we present our Classic White Jug.



Subtle and chic, with more than a touch of classic glamour – this is our Elegance arrangement.

White Milk Urn

White Milk Urn

Elegant and tasteful, dreamy and delicate – our White Milk Urn arrangement manages to harness both glamour and a sense […]

Classic White Cube Vase

Classic White Cube Vase

For a classic and elegant centrepiece, look no further than this stunning combination of Avalanche roses and pretty white lisianthus, brought together in a contemporary cube glass vase.

White Vase Selection

White Vase Selection

Nothing quite suggests summertime like flowers gathered in charmingly petite vases, and it’s this sense of whimsy that we’ve captured […]

summer mist

Classic Creams

All the tranquility of a peaceful summer’s morning is captured in this gorgeous and elegant bouquet.

classic elegance

Classic Elegance

Sometimes the simplest arrangements are the most striking, and this is certainly the case with our Classic Elegance collection.

Cream Bell Jar

Cream Bell Jar

For classic elegance and timeless beauty, one can do no better than our Cream Bell Jar arrangement. A froth of […]

Delphinium Jug

Delphinium Jug

The gorgeous shade of the rich blue delphiniums are able to shine in this beautiful display, indicating how sometimes the most simple of arrangements can have just as much impact.

petite summer


Gather summer into your home with this playful and attractive collection of pretty flowers.

Blue Wonder

Blue Wonder

A sense of luxurious elegance makes this stunning bouquet a modern classic in our eyes.

Rich Autumn

Rich Hedgerow Hand Tie

This stunning hand-tied bouquet is a feast for the senses, and radiates warmth and cheer with its cluster of jewel-coloured flowers.


Rich Autumn Jug

Bring the English countryside into your home with our fresh and elegant Rich Autumn Jug.

Autumn hedgerow

Soft Hedgerow

This refined and elegant bouquet evokes the tranquility of autumn, and is resplendent with seasonal blooms and berries.

Mini Pumpkin vase

Mini Pumpkin Vase

For a delightful display that sings of farmhouse charm, then we present our Mini Pumpkin Vase, combining some of the best flora that the season has to offer.

Subtle Autumn Cube

Subtle Hedgerow Cube

Bring all the warmth and charm of an autumn day into your home with our Subtle Autumn Cube.

Soft Autumn Jug

Soft Hedgerow Jug

For a bold and daring statement, look no further than our Soft Autumn Jug.

Luxury Exotic

Luxury Exotic

This flamboyant arrangement sings with the vibrancy of bright sunshine, and is a true explosion of exotic summer.

Soft Apricot Bell Jar

Soft apricot bell jar

Pretty pastels are the star of the show in this impressive arrangement, clustered together in an eye-catching bouquet that encapsulates […]

Sunflower Jug

Sunflower Jug

There can be few blooms that are as striking as the famous sunflower, with its rich dark face and golden mane of petals.

Mango Calla

Mango Calla

Sometimes all that’s need is a bouquet that turns heads and inspires gasps of admiration.

Hedgerow Jam Jar

Hedgerow Jam Jar

The glorious burst of colour in this arrangement brings the splendour of the countryside into your home, and will add a seasonal charm to any room.



Sometimes the occasion calls for an arrangement that bursts with life and energy, and this is perfectly summed up with our magnificent Tropical bouquet.

soft summer

Soft and Subtle

Bring all the charms of a warm August afternoon in your home with our beautiful Soft Summer bouquet.

Classic Pink

Classic Pink

A glorious array of irresistible pinks have been combined to create this blushing bouquet that really stands out of the crowd with its burst of candy colours.

classic pink upcycled

Classic Pink Upcycled

Pretty in pink is our theme for this delightful arrangement, whereby we have chosen an assortment of blooms to bring a feminine allure to any occasion.

Country Garden

Country Garden

This lovely array of charming flowers typifies an english country garden in full bloom, bringing a real sense of rustic charm.

Soft Summer

Cottage Garden

The true elegance of an English garden in summer is captured in this beautiful and charming bouquet, where the timeless pink rose takes centre stage.

classic summer jug

Classic Pink Jug

Rustic yet elegant; vibrant and yet gentle – here lies the allure of our stunning Summer Jug.

Vintage Rose & Rosemary

Vintage Rose & Rosemary

A beautifully tasteful alternative to the classic Red Rose, a Vintage Rose & Rosemary hand tied bouquet with it’s soft pastel hues captivates with subtlety.

Opulent Summer


Fabulously showcasing the very best of the classic rose and the vibrant peony, this is a magnificent tribute to the glory of pink blooms.

Summer Jug

Country Vintage Jug

Bring the English garden into your home with our bright and cheerful Summer Jug.

rich and luxurious summer

Rich and Luxurious

For a bouquet that really expresses all the extravagance and lustrous beauty of the season, you can do no better than this stunning arrangement.

Summer Cube

Cottage Garden Cube

This medley of gorgeous flowers typifies an english garden in full bloom, and offers a fabulous array of all your summer favourites.

Purple Vintage

Purple Vintage

The soft pastels of a summer sky at twilight are evoked in this gorgeous collection of purple favourites.

Mothers Day Jug

Cottage garden Jug

Bring all the rustic allure of a blooming farmhouse garden into the home with our special Jug.

Valentines extravagance ht


Defy convention this Mother’s Day by presenting that special someone with a gorgeous and unique bouquet of luscious.